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I use balanced, intelligent dog training.

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We use balanced, intelligent

dog training.

* Has your beloved pooch stopped listening to you?

* Have you stopped enjoying walks with your dog due to  unwanted behaviour?

*Do you want a well behaved dog?

If you said "Yes" to any of the above, then now is time to take action..

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**Many of our clients have come to Just 4 Dog's Training, via veterinary referrals! 

**For more info about Just 4 Dog's Training, please visit out "ABOUT" page.**

We use balanced, intelligent dog training.

Just 4 Dog's Training provides pet dog training for "Real, every day life".

Training classes don't address most every day issues we have with our dog's, that is why we listened to our clients and focus on what

matters to YOU and your family and your dog/s. Not canine sports, every day family life. Sports can be learned at another time, however, making sure you are giving your dog the best start in life or addressing behaviour issues that may be going on simply can't wait!

The link to my video clip below was made many many years ago now,

the GSD in the clip was a rescue girl, had previously had 3 homes before me,

and she was only 10 months old when she came to us, broke every rule written, and was a diva through and through.

She taught me so much on our journey together, and for that I am eternally grateful x

Kindest regards, Jo x

This was a long time ago..but she was the diva of German Shepherds bless her!

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